Testimonials by Users of Adventurous Custom Rods

“Thank you for creating and making available the Wang Anchor! By far, the greatest shallow water anchor I have ever used! And, believe me, I’ve tried them all. Whether its catching bait on the flats, flyfishing for tarpon on the beach, setting up on shoreline snook or herding redfish into skinny water potholes …in my opinion, the Wang is ‘Total Shallow Water Boat Control’! Great Job, guys!!!”

-Capt. Tommy Ziesmannwww.action-charters.com

Today I put the Wang through more tests, all I can say is “flawless”. Stopped on a dime, silent, and strong. I’m very thrilled that I now have this product on board. IMHO, if you own a skiff, a technical poling skiff; there is no other choice but the Wang. Out of sight when running, silent use, lightweight, and most efficient.
-Rick DePaivawww.saltwaterflyfishing.org

“We tested the Wang Anchor and the custom Wang bracket for over two years to ensure longevity and durability on my 23 Hydra-Sports Bay Bolt. It’s the best accessory I have on my boat. I couldn’t imagine not having one.”
– Capt. Dave Walkerwww.snookfish.com

“Very useful for anchoring and making boat adjustments!”
-Capt. Jason Lineberger

“I use the Wang Anchor off of the bow. When used in conjunction with a Power Pole, I can position the boat however I want to.”
-Capt. Greg Mitchellwww.snookdoctor.com

“The Wang Anchor gives me total control when anchoring.”
-Capt. Ernie Rubiowww.captainernie.net

“Every airboat sure could use one. It’s a light and effective anchoring system. I use the Wang anchor and I endorse it as well.”
-Capt. Dave Markett

“A perfect balance of fit and function. A very useful addition to my skiff.”
-Capt Dave Suttonhttp://www.saltwater-flyfisherman.com

“It works even better than I thought it would. Even with all the wind from storms, the Wang holds with no problems.”
-John Wilson

“I got the bracket system installed yesterday. In the soft mud found in the Lagoon, Florida bay, the Keys and Biscayne its not a big deal to stake out using your push pole but here in Tampa we have lots of hard bottom. This makes it impossible to use your push pole to stop. On a hard packed sandy bottom, the Wang Anchor stopped so darn fast it surprised me, I almost fell off the platform! This thing works great! Every boat that needs to anchor in skinny water at times needs one of these.”
-Sam from SaltyShores.com

“After years of kayak fishing, and pushing myself and my equipment to the limits, I have finally found a stakeout pole designed to meet high performance standards at a reasonable price. After using an assortment of PVC and similar handmade stakeout poles, as well as high end name brand poles, my needs were finally met by the Wang Anchor. I have used the Wang for everything from simply staking out in shallow water, to poling to spooky fish, to dropping through my scupper holes to make a quick stop to prevent a feisty snook from beating me to the bushes. No matter what the situation, the Wang Anchor has come through for me. Every kayaker should have one.”
-Spencer Goodwin

Fishing in windy conditions and mostly in open water, the skiff would get blown across the flat rather quickly, sometimes giving us little time to set up on the fish we found. Thankfully, I had installed the Wang Anchor system on my boat, allowing me to stop on a dime, even when the boat was traveling at a fast momentum due to high winds. The Wang Anchor system also gave the benefit of weight savings as the bracket and pole were about 3lbs in total. The best way to describe this vital tool would be to call it a manual Power Pole. The Wang Anchor played an instrumental role in most of the fish we caught on the flats this day. – Capt Honson Lau

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